Narrow Web Inks

PrimeFlex Ink Systems

PrimeFlex Film

Stable high‐strength water‐based ink that adheres to multiple films and foils with excellent water resistance.

PrimeFlex Metallic

Waterbased ink system that can be used on a variety of substrates and provides excellent coverage even when working with fine anilox volumes. Our metallic waterbased flexo inks utilize high quality metallic pigments of smaller particle size resulting in a brilliant metallic effect and trouble free printing.

PrimeFlex Paper

Extremely stable, high density ink designed specifically for the quality demands of the narrow web tag and label industry. It is designed for line work with anilox roll volumes of between 2.5 and 3.0bcm. Process roll volumes of between 1.2 and 1.6bcm. Features excellent printability, resolubility and stable viscosity; high color strength; and excellent transfer, adhesion, and gloss.

Other Ink Systems

ULF – UltraLightFast Inks

Formulated as a waterbased ink system designed for with automotive grade pigments for demanding weatherability requirements.


Economical waterbased ink system with excellent printability characteristics such as high resolubility, high gloss, and high strength. This system primarily utilizes non-lightfast pigments to maximize cost effectiveness.


Economical waterbased ink system for synthetic substrates formulated for cost effectiveness and water resistance.

Flourescent Inks

Waterbased ink system of high strength fluorescent inks for maximum color density. This system exhibits good printability and resolubility.

High Opacity White

Waterbased flexo white with custom formulations to meet a variety of applications and opacity requirements. Typical high opacity formulations exceed competitors by 15%-20%.


Direct thermal Ink series is formulated as a heat-resistant system for use in direct thermal applications.