Flexo-Technologies manufactures and distributes a variety of waterbased and energy curable coatings for the flexographic printing and packaging markets. Flexo-Technologies will supply or develop topcoats based on end use requirements and cost parameters. Flexo-Technologies stocks a variety of coating product lines for same day or next day delivery to our local and regional customer base.

UltraViolet Coatings (UV) and LED Coatings:
  • High Speed High Gloss coatings
  • Satin, Matte and UltraMatte coatings
  • BP free
  • High rub, Abrasion resistant, Chemical resistant coatings
  • Foil Stampable and Thermal Imprintable
  • Other Specialty Applications: Release coatings, Textured, High Build, etc.
Aqueous Coatings (WB):
  • High Gloss coatings
  • Matte or Satin Coatings
  • Non-Rub or Anti-Skid coatings
  • Water resistant, Grease resistant, Heat resistant coatings
  • Direct Food Contact (DFC) coatings