Flexo-Technologies manufactures and distributes waterbased and UV curable adhesives for use in the paper converting and flexographic packaging industries, woodworking industries and for general assembly applications.

Waterbased Adhesives

Flexo-Technologies Inc maintains a diverse set of adhesive products to support the evolving needs of our customers and equipment. Our adhesive solutions are innovative and can be modified with custom formulations to support your most important application requirements and packaging concepts.

  • Corrugated and Folding Carton adhesives
  • Litho Lamination adhesives
  • Case and Carton Sealing adhesives
  • Envelope Gums, Side Seam adhesives, and Window adhesives
  • Multiwall bag adhesives, film lamination and bottom pastes
  • Tube Winding adhesives
  • Woodworking adhesives

UV Lamination Adhesives

UV Lamination Adhesives are formulated with various monomer and photoinitiator packages to balance flexibility, cohesion and adhesion to perform on various constructions of substrates (film-to-film, film-to-paper, film-to-foil) and for end use in food, industrial and medical packaging.

Formulation Considerations
  • migration
  • yellowing
  • reactivity
  • clarity
  • temperature stability
  • humidity stability
UV Adhesive Product Types
  • UV Premium Laminating Adhesive
  • UV High Clarity Laminating Adhesive
  • UV Nestle Laminating Adhesive
  • UV Laminating Adhesive
  • UV IML Laminating Adhesive
  • UV Cold Foil Cure Through Adhesive
  • UV Low Odor Lam Adhesive


Hotmelt adhesives are thermoplastic, non-volatile solids which require heat to soften and be applied in a molten state for a variety of applications. Flexo-Technologies Inc supplies a full line of hot melt for the packaging, paper converting, non-wovens, graphic arts, product assembly, and general purpose industries.

End Use
  • coated/uncoated corrugated and chipboard
  • bookbinding
  • labeling
  • freezer grade applications
  • woodworking
  • fugitive/pressure sensitive
  • difficult substrate/surface applications
  • extrusion
  • roll on
  • spray methods