About Us


Founded by Eric H. Braun in 1969 as Flexo-Graphics, our company founded its roots in the ink industry with innovation and formulation specialized in the production of white coatings and water-based inks for the corrugated box industries. Now as Flexo-Technologies Inc., our company continues with a successful expansion into the various flexographic printing, paper converting and woodworking markets. Our ink, adhesive and coating product lines are utilized in the Los Angeles and Inland Empire areas, Central and Northern California, Mexico and China.


Drawing upon the expertise of our multi-disciplined team of chemical engineers and product development specialists, FT employs both producers and engineers with over 35 years of experience in the ink, coating and adhesive industries.

At Flexo-Technologies, our business model is structured to maximize our customer value by capitalizing on innovations created in-house and through collaborative supplier innovation projects to produce profitable growth via improved differentiation and speed, and lower costs. Our in-house lab and highly qualified chemists in the research and development department have formulated a variety of cost-effective products with outstanding capabilities and continue to develop customized solutions based on customer needs and requirements. Our key suppliers provide ideas, reduce development costs and time, reduce COGS, and assist in paving the way for Flexo-Technolgies to deliver the highest customer value.

Beyond the lab and into the field, our technical sales team offers a vast spectrum of experience in the application of inks, adhesives and coatings. Their backgrounds range from engineering and chemistry backgrounds to managerial experience as plant managers. The diversity of our team equips us to better handle the questions, needs and solutions that are essential in the production process.


Flexo Technologies works closely with our many, long-standing customers, experiencing both learning curves as well as breakthroughs. We pride ourselves in being scientifically-based and understanding each customers’ needs.

Custom product assessment and type-matching to spec

High performance products formulated with cost efficiency

A variety of inks, coatings and adhesives delivered with fast turn-around and customer service