Flexo-Technologies manufactures and distributes waterbased and UV curable adhesives for use in the paper converting and flexographic packaging industries, woodworking industries and for general assembly applications.

Waterbased Adhesives:
Our waterbased Adhesives primarily utilize Polyvinyl Acetate and VAE copolymer, Dextrin, Latex and Acrylic polymers.

We offer Waterbased Adhesive (WB) product lines for the following applications:

-Corrugated and Folding Carton adhesives
-Litho Lamination adhesives
-Case and Carton Sealing adhesives
-Envelope Gums, Side Seam adhesives, and Window adhesives
-Multiwall bag adhesives, film lamination and bottom pastes
-Tube Winding adhesives
-Woodworking adhesives

UV Lamination Adhesives:
UV Lamination Adhesives are formulated with various monomer and photoinitiator packages to balance flexibility, cohesion and adhesion to perform on various constructions of substrates (film-to-film, film-to-paper, film-to-foil) and for end use in food, industrial and medical packaging.

Formulation Considerations:
-temperature stability
-humidity stability

Hotmelt adhesives are thermoplastic, non-volatile solids which require heat to soften and be applied in a molten state for a variety of applications. Flexo-Technologies Inc supplies a full line of hot melt for the packaging, paper converting, non-wovens, graphic arts, product assembly, and general purpose industries.

End Use:
-coated/uncoated corrugated and chipboard
-freezer grade applications
-fugitive/pressure sensitive
-difficult substrate/surface applications

-roll on
-spray methods